Tail Spend Management

Increase your tail spend visibility to improve your tail spend management viability.
20 Spend Analysis Lessons Learned From 20 Chief Procurement Officers

The Silent Budget Killer:
Understanding the 20% of Unoptimized Expenditures

Up to 80% of your Suppliers
contribute to 20%
of your Expenditures

But they mostly go under the purchasing radar, with too few purchases for active management and control. Plus tail spend management data is generally spread out across multiple internal systems including ERP & AP Programs.


It’s this lack of visibility and control that leads
to potential waste, mismanagement, and risk.

Inefficiencies Abound

  • Overspending to smaller suppliers
  • Compliance requirements jeopardized
  • Inferior product & service purchases
  • Insufficient time to support keysuppliers
  • Key supplier relationships neglected

Tail Spend Management Begins With Measurement

Tail spend management. a collection of cables unravel and re ravel

SpendQube makes it easy to ingest all types of purchasing data from scans of POs to extracts from departmental reports.

By collecting all of your tail spend management data in one place, you can quickly provide increased
visibility to category managers and department heads about how tail spend is
affecting their P& Ls.

Primary Features

Add Any
Data Source

SpendQube’s flexible taxonomy makes it simple to add any data source and match any input field to tags

Scans of POs

The data you need may be
hidden in PDF files. Any file
can be scanned and imported, categorized and tagged.

P-Card Reports

Data from P-Card purchases
can be auto-categorized.

Accounts Payable Systems

Import data from multiple AP systems and match it with
the rest of your tail spend data.

Organize the Data

The challenge with tail spend management is making sense of large amounts of data. SpendQube helps you cleanse, code, and categorize it quickly, so you can get down to work.

Auto Cleanse, Auto Code

SpendQube is designed to help you auto-cleanse and code spend data. As you add more data it remembers previous categorizations and prevents supplier duplications.

Supplier Data

With 4.3 million supplier data points and growing, your existing data will be auto-enriched to ensure better accuracy and insight.

3 Levels of Spend Categorization

Suppliers are coded to 3 levels of categorization to give you a greater depth of analysis

Expert Review

During your initial setup and import of data, our procurement experts are ensuring everything is cleansed, coded, and matched for greater trust in your analysis.

Tailspend Specific

Customizable dashboards allow you to filter suppliers
or purchases by spend amount, allowing you to easily analyze your tail spend.


The dashboards are fully configurable, and filterable
by any field of data, allowing you to focus in on any size of spend.

Drill Down to
Deepen Insight

3 levels of categorizations allow you to review 
micro-categories of supplier spend.

Through Reports

Filtered dashboards can be exported as line item reports, and delivered to department managers to enforce tail spend compliance.


Build custom dashboards to help you instantly spot opportunities for supplier consolidation, and to communicate opportunities to business leaders.


Supplier categorization errors can be corrected by the user as they work with the data. No more waiting for vendor support for data correction.

Extend Your Analysis With Our Experts


By implementing contract management practices, our experts can identify opportunities for consolidation, standardization, and strategic sourcing which enables you to negotiate favorable terms, leverage economies of scale, and achieve cost savings, even on smaller purchases.


Our procurement experts are always available to help youstrategize on how to get the right view of data to answer your most challenging procurement analysis questions


Keep your supplier shonest by comparing your pricing and terms to industry standards with deep comparisons using our years of analysis and research.


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20 Spend Analysis Lessons Learned From 20 Chief Procurement Officers

20 Spend Analysis Lessons Learned From 20 Chief Procurement Officers

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