See Business Cost Savings Opportunities In Seconds

Use customizable dashboards to quickly visualize potential business cost savings opportunities.
20 Spend Analysis Lessons Learned From 20 Chief Procurement Officers

Distributed, Disconnected Data Leaves Cost Savings Opportunities Unrealized

Business cost savings opportunities go unrealized when spending data exists across multiple corporate systems that don’t integrate well with each and have different data structures.  The larger the organizations, the bigger the disconnect and more lost opportunities to find savings occur.

Types of Cost Savings Opportunities Missed

  • Paying the same supplier different rates and terms across business units.
  • Too many suppliers for the same category
  • Too much spend with unpreferred suppliers.
  • Poor contract management/negotiation

Bring Cost Savings Opportunities To The Forefront

Business savings opportunities

SpendQube unifies your spend data so that you can bring it all together and start comparing suppliers to themselves and each other. 

It illuminates business savings opportunities in customizable intuitive dashboards that make your business  savings opportunities obvious.

Primary Features


Build just the dashboard you need to do supplier comparisons to highlight savings opportunities. 

Compare Orders by Supplier

Pull in orders from all business units from the same supplier to see if you are being offered the best terms everywhere.

Compare Suppliers to Similar Suppliers

Use advanced categorization to match similar suppliers to direct your spend to the supplier with the best offer.

Identify Non-Approved Supplier Spend

Identify maverick and non-compliant spend that can drive up your costs.

Deep Pareto

Automatically separate out your top 20% suppliers by expenditure with pre-built analysis.

Advanced Supplier

3.4M supplier
data points

Ensure accuracy in your comparison with pre-coded data points


Build any type of field or tag to ensure that suppliers can be matched across data types

3 Levels
of Categorization

Drill down to the right level of comparison to capture every


Match and group spend by parent suppliers, pulling spend data by all child subsidiaries

Expert Setup

Be confident that you’ve considered every angle
in your comparison with our white-glove setup

Additional Feature Panel


The dashboards are fully configurable, and filterable by any field of data, allowing you to get the exact view you need to identify more savings opportunities.

Customizable Visualizations

Display your opportunities in any manner that suits your organization. From charts to diagrams, and with filters on every data point.


Change your view as you are working with data to quickly change your analysis and do more supplier comparisons.

Opportunity Assessment Process

Image of a wave of coloured lines cascading down from dots at the top to converge at the bottom - spendqube
The opportunity assessment provides you with a detailed evaluation and prioritized roadmap of all savings opportunities available to your organization. The process has 3 phases.
  1. Import, cleanse, and categorize
    all spend data.
  2. Compare all spending categories to internal and industry benchmarking.
  3. Summarize spending opportunities into a category-by-category phasing plan.
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Additional Services: Extend Your Analysis With Our Experts


Our procurement experts are always available to help you strategize on how to get the right view of data to answer your most challenging procurement analysis questions


Keep your suppliers honest by comparing your pricing and terms to industry standards with deep comparisons using our years of analysis and research.

Strategic Sourcing Guidance

Work with our consultants to adopt best practices to more effectively negotiate savings opportunities with your suppliers.


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20 Spend Analysis Lessons Learned From 20 Chief Procurement Officers

20 Spend Analysis Lessons Learned From 20 Chief Procurement Officers

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