The Category Management Software Solution that is Accurate & Illuminating.

Capture Every Data Point In Your Category Management With Customizable and Flexible Supplier Taxonomy Definitions. SpendQube, your Category Management Software Solution.
20 Spend Analysis Lessons Learned From 20 Chief Procurement Officers

The Leaky Category Management Software Solution Bucket

Not all category management software solutions are equal. Category management depends entirely on precise spend analysis. However, sometimes the analysis is incorrect because some suppliers are missing, ineligible ones are included, or there is missing or incorrectly coded data. This leads to having to redo the analysis multiple times, delays in responding to questions, and it affects business decisions such as inventory levels and pricing. 

Caused by Rigid
Analysis Tools

  • Inflexible data coding taxonomies
  • Lack of Matching Data
  • Shallow Supplier Categorizations Available.
  • Incompatible AP Data

Category Management Software Solution that Optimizes Your Category Management Lifecycle

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With superior data categorization capabilities, SpendQube enables category managers to trust their category management analysis results.


Spend less time re-coding and analyzing data and more time using the data to improve every step of your category management processes and improve your key supplier relationships. 

Primary Features

Trust Your Data

With features designed to improve the reliability of your supplier categorization, you can trust that every supplier in your category is counted for.

Pre-coded Supplier Categories

Includes 4.3 million supplier data points to speed up supplier categorization.


Organize supplier data and match it to any internal system by mapping fields to tags in SpendQube.


SpendQube learns how suppliers are categorized speeding up regular data updates.

Expert Review

Procurement experts will help you ensure every supplier is matched properly. 

Dive Deep Into Your Category

Master micro-category management with multiple levels of supplier categorization.

3 Levels of Categorization

Filter down to three specific levels of supplier categories to bring real depth to your analysis.


Make any sub-categorization required to fit your unique circumstances.

Widen Your Analysis
with 3rd-Party Data

Easily add 3rd party data to your analysis with our flexible taxonomy.

Supplier Data

Add in any additional data from suppliers from external sources.

CO2 Data

Add CO2 data sourced from suppliers or other trusted 3rd party sources.

ESG Data

Get more insight on any ESG target with the appropriate data.

Financial Data

Match data like credit scores to suppliers to improve selection and reduce risk.

Other Non-Financial Data

Add any other data source that can be tied to suppliers for smarter categorization.

SpendQube's Category Management Software Solution Additional Features


The dashboards are fully configurable, and filterable by any field of data, allowing you to get the exact view you need to make better decisions.



The dashboards are fully configurable, and filterable by any field of data, allowing you to get the exact view you need to make better decisions.

Customizable Visualizations

Insight is usually best seen, and SpendQube provides you with a variety of visualization types to help you derive answers to spend queries in the manner that helps you best convey that to other leaders in your organization.


Supplier categorization errors can be corrected by the user as they work with the data. No more waiting for vendor support for data correction. 

Category Management Self-Analysis Pack

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Augment your category management analysis with our step-by-step best practices pack. Learn how to use spend analysis to understand your category spend, identify opportunities for process improvements & practical methods to increase your category management performance. 


The pack includes instructions to find opportunities for supplier consolidation, identify expiring and breakable contracts, map critical business projects to strategic suppliers, perform a risk analysis, and do compliance

Get your category management Self-Analysis Starter Pack here.


Additional Services:
Extend Your Analysis With Our Experts


Unlock 7% to 15% savings depending on the category with the help of our procurement experts who have extensive category and supplier knowledge


Our procurement experts are always available to help you strategize on how to get the right view of data to answer your most challenging procurement analysis questions.


Get a deep analysis of how your category is performing compared to comparable organizations in your industry using our years of analysis and research.


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20 Spend Analysis Lessons Learned From 20 Chief Procurement Officers

20 Spend Analysis Lessons Learned From 20 Chief Procurement Officers

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