Mergers & Divestitures

Perform comparative mergers & divestitures spend analysis scenarios to find savings opportunities & reduce duplicate/conflicting expenditures
20 Spend Analysis Lessons Learned From 20 Chief Procurement Officers

Mergers & Divestitures: When The First 100 Days Have Come... and Gone.

When companies experience Mergers or Divestitures (merge
or separate) two different
procurement cultures,
processes, and data systems
can clash.

The result, while integration teams try to sort out systems and people is that both
companies continue to buy goods and services as they have.

The mergers & divestitures opportunities to realize savings benefits and
improve procurement efficiencies in the
critical first 100 days are lost.

Problems that arise during
mergers, acquisitions, & divestitures

  • Lack of a cohesive view of spend
  • Disparate systems and processes lead to lack of clarity
  • Different procurement management cultures lead to inconsistent compliance
  • Redundant and overlapping spending
  • Overlooked contractual obligations
  • Inability to identify critical supplies

Bring Out The Best Of Both Worlds from your Mergers & Divestitures

mergers & divestitures - a group of threads merge to the left of diverge to the right
SpendQube’s ability to combine data from disparate systems is uniquely suited to the task of combining procurement data from merged and acquired companies.

Our Flexible taxonomy and expert guidance will help you quickly match data, and visualize spending overlaps in days. Well within the
100-day window

Data Integration

SpendQube provides the ability to intake data
from any source and make it compatible.

Data from
different sources

Take data from any internalERP, AP or other spend datasource and cleanse, code, and categorize for 100% compatibility.

volumes of data

There’s virtually no limit to the amount of data SpendQube can import.


As teams analyze data they can recategorize suppliers with a click to ensure they match.


Holistic view
of spend

Pre-built and customized dashboards provide an overall view of the spending picture for the new organization.


SpendQube can add tags for Acquirer and Acquiree, allowing for side-by-side spend comparison.

Filtered by
any tag

Any data point can be filtered allowing for extensive analysis.


Cost Savings

With trusted data and intuitive,
interactive dashboards you
can quickly identify areas of
overlap for post-merger cost


Identify potential suppliers in the merged company that are not on your approved list or have been pre-tagged as a risk.


Provide M&A teams with custom insights rapidly. SpendQube provides you with a variety of visualization types to help you derive answers to spend queries in the manner that helps you best convey that to other leaders in your organization.

M&A Teams

Filtered dashboa rds can be exported as line item reports, and delivered to mergers, acquisitions, or divestiture managers to support merger business cases.

Strategy & Planning

SpendQube can aid in the planning and scenario analysis for divestitures. Identify strategic suppliers, critical dependencies, contract compliance risks, and potential contract separation costs.

Extend Your M&A Procurement Planning With Our Experts


Use our teams to plan supplier change phases, investigate supplier agreements and relationships to identify contractual limitations, to integrate supplier contracts into existing ones.


Our procurement experts will develop a tailored integration plan that outlines how the procurement functions of the merging entities will be combined,aligning procurement policies, processes, systems, and supplier relationships.


Keep your suppliers honest by comparing your pricing and terms to industry standards with deep comparisons using our years of analysis and research.


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20 Spend Analysis Lessons Learned From 20 Chief Procurement Officers

20 Spend Analysis Lessons Learned From 20 Chief Procurement Officers

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