Risk & Compliance Management

Root out risky suppliers to maintain the steady flow of goods and comply with regulatory controls.
20 Spend Analysis Lessons Learned From 20 Chief Procurement Officers

Supply Chain Risk At An All-Time High

Risk & Compliance Management: Who you choose to do business with can have far-ranging consequences. There are more regulatory expectations as well as customer expectations that businesses properly vet their suppliers.


Add to this the shifting global supply chain market due to the pandemic, geopolitical concerns, and other economic issues and ensuring you manage your supplier pool better becomes paramount. 

Choosing the wrong supplier could cause:

  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Regulatory scrutiny
  • Brand reputation impacts
  • Unexpected costs
  • Unfavorable terms
  • Unmet contract obligations

Smart Spend Analysis Reduces Your Supplier Risk

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Better Risk & Compliance Management allows you to get smarter about who you do business with. SpendQube brings together all of your disconnected spend data and available 3rd party data to help you identify your biggest risks. 


Custom dashboards and reports help you collaborate with supply chain managers to control your Risk & Compliance Management and  turn your risk analysis into action.

Primary Features

Spend Data

Bring together your disparate sources of data
to ensure a complete and accurate analysis.

Data from ERPs & Accounting

Bring in data from disconnected, incompatible data sources.

Data From Acquired Units

Import, cleanse, and unify data from acquired companies with mismatched supplier report formats.

Data From Geographically Dispersed Business Units

Consolidate data from different regions, languages, and taxonomies easily.

Financial Data To Enrich Analysis

Bring in data like credit ratings and other risk analysis metrics to improve vendor selection.

Non-Financial Data

With its flexible taxonomy, SpendQube can connect any available non-financial risk-related data to help you better understand supplier compliance.

Types of
Non-Financial Data:

  • Supplier Diversity Ratings
  • ESG/CO2 Data
  • On-time Delivery Performance
  • Geopolitical Risk
  • Anti-Exploitation
  • Security Certification

Non-Compliant Spend

With customizable visualizations, you can get a quick view of your top at-risk suppliers


Build a dashboard that includes any data set
needed to perform a thorough risk analysis.

Filter on Any
Data Point

Any data in SpendQube can be a filter, extending your ability
to highlight risk, especially across non-financial data.

Additional Services:
Extend Your Risk Analysis With Our Experts

Supply Chain
Risk Management

Insight is usually best seen, and SpendQube provides you with a variety of visualization types to help you derive answers to spend queries in the manner that helps you best convey that to other leaders in your organization.


Trust that your data is stored in our premier cloud storage provider, adhering to the most stringent security best practices. 


Our procurement experts are always available to help you strategize on how to get the right view of data to answer your most challenging


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20 Spend Analysis Lessons Learned From 20 Chief Procurement Officers

20 Spend Analysis Lessons Learned From 20 Chief Procurement Officers

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